CONVICTION-Autographed Edition


One man’s fascinating 10-year journey through a brutal, unforgiving prison system that breaks most who enter. Shane’s story of faith, survival, and personal growth inspires all who read this account of a transformational time in one man’s life.

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In his first book, Shane shares revealing, sometimes shocking, but always insightful true stories from his 10 years in prisons from Alaska to Colorado. Told straight from the heart by arguably one of the most resilient and inspirational inmates the U.S. correctional system has ever seen, CONVICTION is a captivating read.

CONVICTION is more than just an engaging collection of stories illustrating the problems and dysfunction of prison, it also shows the power of humanity and love to permeate even the darkest corners of a system designed to punish, not rehabilitate, and the light remaining in the hearts of men in need of help, guidance, and a second shot at life.

CONVICTION represents Shane’s second shot at life and offers powerful insight into yours.


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